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Virtual Meeting Room

Connect Remote Participants to Any Meeting

Unite Participants in the Virtual Meeting Room

MicroTek's Virtual Meeting Room is a unique and exclusive feature available at every MEET™ Center. Virtual Meeting Room allows participants — and meeting hosts and speakers — to connect and interact on a virtual platform. The result is an equal meeting environment in which remote participants experience the same interaction and benefits as those in physical attendance. Virtual Meeting Room technology allows participants to:

  • See and hear everything that is taking place in the meeting room
  • Raise their hands and ask questions and be seen and addressed by the host
  • View and interact with all other participants and any meeting or training content (presentations, videos, whiteboard notes and more)
  • Experience real-time collaboration with those in physical attendance
How Does Virtual Meeting Room Work?

MEET™ Center’s Virtual Meeting Room technology features high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools, enabling presenters to deliver the same message, interaction, instruction, and content simultaneously to onsite and remote learners. The virtual session is initiated from a MEET™ authorized origination site that contains both the physical meeting space participants and remote attendees, who can connect to the session from anywhere with an internet connection.

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