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MicroTek UK provides virtual and hybrid training solutions that enable all attendees — whether on-site or remote — to participate equally and to collaborate with each other during your training sessions. Like our other offerings, we customise our virtual solutions to meet your unique needs. For an exceptional hybrid learning experience, make MicroTek UK your go-to training company.

The Next Generation Classroom

Do you have material that needs to be presented to a geographically dispersed audience? Would you benefit from the ability to provide your training simultaneously to both on-site and remote participants? MicroTek UK’s Next Generation Classroom is a suite of solutions that combines the best of physical, virtual and digital learning environments — providing an equal learning experience for your delegates regardless of where they are located.

Virtual Training Room

What do you get when you combine live, instructor-led training with the power of a virtual platform? You get MicroTek’s highly-flexible Virtual Training Room. This solution, a component of our Next Generation Classroom suite, provides a learning environment in which remote students receive the same experience as those participating on-site.

Remote delegates connect to Virtual Training Room through an easy to use web-based interface. Utilising high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual technology, remote attendees see and hear the classroom instruction and discussion; are able to ask questions; can view the entirety of course presentations; and can communicate and collaborate with others — just as though they were physically in the classroom. Additional features such as advanced teaching tools and virtual break out rooms help to create the ultimate learning experience.

Take a Look at MicroTek's Virtual Training Room

In addition to offering full technical support before and during your training session, MicroTek UK configures your Virtual Training Room to meet your needs — whether you require one classroom with one instructor, multiple classrooms with a single instructor, or guest presenters. Simply let us know how you want to proceed, and we’ll take care of the details!

Virtual Learning Lab

Another component of our Next Generation Classroom, MicroTek’s Virtual Learning Lab is a cloud-based solution that provides access to single or multiple lab environments. Learners receive hands-on access to an individualised software training environment from anywhere in the world—with only a secure URL. Training managers find this solution particularly useful for software development, testing and training; product launches and demos; technical or security training; and application training.

This cloud-based learning solution provides the same hands-on training to both classroom and remote learners. The instructor can “see” each participant’s computer, and has the ability to control and reconfigure systems while the training event is in session.

Virtual Training Room + Virtual Learning Lab = Next Generation Classroom
  • You don’t have to buy or install any hardware or equipment.
  • You don’t have to learn specialised software.
  • You get our end-to-end support before, during and after your learning event.
Why MicroTek UK?

MicroTek is an industry leader in conducting successful training events. Our innovative virtual training solutions, professional expertise and experience, and amazing level of customer support are unmatched by our competitors. When you work with us, you can concentrate on your training content, knowing that we are in full control of the details and committed to providing you with successful, cost-effective training programs.

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