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Training Outsourcing

Customizable Services To Meet Your Unique Training Needs

Let MicroTek UK put your organization on course for an exceptional learning experience. As a single-source training outsourcing company, we can successfully execute any type of training event, anywhere in the world.

Why Outsource Your Training Delivery?

Businesses generally outsource their training events for the following reasons:

  • They lack an in-house training group.
  • The in-house group does not have the requisite skills or tools to take on a particular project.
  • Their in-house training resources have prior commitments.
  • They need to leverage technology without significant upfront or long-term investment.
  • The required speed-to-market cannot be accomplished with internal resources.
  • Their training program needs to be geographically dispersed.
  • The training manager needs to focus on core business objectives, rather than logistics.

If any of those conditions describe your current situation, then you need to look to a third party for training support. But which training outsourcing company is right for you? As the leader in training management and execution, MicroTek offers a comprehensive range of innovative training solutions and services, plus access to thousands of world-class training facilities around the globe.

MicroTek UK Is Your Single-Source Provider

What does this mean for you? Contracting with single-point providers involves negotiating with myriad companies, each offering a specific service such as administration, course material, virtual training, classroom rentals, accommodations and transportation, or whatever else you need. That is very inefficient, to say the least. When you make MicroTek the single-source provider of all your training outsourcing services, we eliminate the difficulty and inconvenience of dealing with multiple vendors, while delivering a coordinated, successful event.

As a Training as a Service (TaaS) provider, MicroTek UK offers a comprehensive array of training solutions that we can customize to optimize your training program. When it comes to training outsourcing companies, our planning and management professionals have the capabilities and resources to handle your site selection, scheduling and registration logistics, learning solutions, instructor sourcing, content printing and fulfillment, tech equipment and support, accommodations, catering and more. No training event is too big for MicroTek UK — even large-scale training rollouts are no problem!

Gain Competitive Advantages With MicroTek UK

  • Training Is Our Core Competency. Your learners benefit from our training expertise while you focus on your business needs.
  • Scalability and Flexibility. Our training services can be used on an as-needed basis—providing the flexibility and scalability that is not always available with full-time internal resources. With MicroTek, you are able to deliver the training you need, when you need it.
  • Quicker Time-to-Market. Our virtual training services permit you to train more participants in less time, allowing you to significantly reduce your time-to-market.
  • Less Risk. When you outsource your training with us, you aren’t required to invest in and support training facilities, special hardware or IT infrastructure.
  • Cost Savings. Working with a single-source provider like MicroTek costs less than using individual vendors for sourcing each of your training services separately.
Let us deliver all of your training needs.
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