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Large-Scale Training Rollouts

Throughout The United Kingdom

Planning a training program? Let MicroTek UK take care of all the details for you — from pre-planning and venue selection through travel logistics and contract negotiations — so you can deliver an amazing event.

Benefits of a Large-Scale Training Program

What is a large-scale training rollout? This type of event involves the training of many people at the same time. Participants may be in a single location or connected virtually from scattered venues throughout the UK or the world. Many businesses undertake such a large event for the following reasons:

  • Consistency of content and instruction
  • Learners have similar skills and needs
  • Timeliness — everyone learns at the same time
  • Cost savings that result from producing a single event

When undertaking a large-scale training program, it is vital to understand that the training must be geared to the participants’ needs and their opportunities to apply what they learn in the near future. Reducing training costs by offering a large program is a great solution when the course content is relevant, the right group of learners has been identified, and the timing is right. That being said, if conditions are right, then you’re ready to get started on your large-scale training rollout!

Let MicroTek UK Handle the Details

We have the expertise and experience to manage large-scale corporate training events. Our planning professionals have successfully delivered thousands of training rollouts like yours. Whether your training is technical or non-technical, whether your attendees are in one location or many, whether your training occurs during a single day or over a year, you can rely on MicroTek UK to take care of the specifics while you focus on your business objectives.

As your single-source training provider, MicroTek offers budget expertise, strategic sourcing, contract negotiations with multiple vendors, overall program management and efficient on-site delivery.

Leave the Logistical Details to Us

Great training doesn’t just happen. We work with you to coordinate the entire event, providing a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure the success of your training rollout, including:

  • Location and classroom selection
  • Hotel selection and rate negotiations
  • Air and ground transportation
  • Event registration services
  • Booking guest accommodations
  • Computer and AV equipment procurement, tech support and setup
  • Sourcing of qualified, talented training instructors
  • On-site hospitality, concierge and catering services
  • Printing and shipping of course materials and badges
  • Transmittal of reminders and schedules to participants

Great Training Solutions Make Exceptional Learning Experiences

Many large-scale training programs can benefit from hybrid learning solutions, meaning that they combine virtual and live classroom training. MicroTek’s Next Generation Classroom suite includes two innovative solutions that allow on-site and remote learners to access the same content while collaborating with each other and with the instructor in real time.

  • Virtual Training Room. Using a two-way audio/video virtual platform, this computer classroom brings together on- and off-site participants for simultaneous learning and real-time collaboration across multiple locations.
  • Virtual Learning Lab. By providing a secure, cloud-hosted environment, our virtual learning lab offers students in many locations the same access to in-depth software application and complex computing training exercises.
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