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Computer Classrooms

State-of-the-Art Computer for Training Staff, Partners and Customers

If you’re looking for a comprehensive computer classroom setting to train employees, partners and customers, MicroTek has what you need. As part of our global network of over 3,000 locations, we have training centers in London and throughout the United Kingdom. Our training centres offer reliable, state-of-the-art technology for learning and training programs. Whether you come to MicroTek to rent computer classrooms for a one-day meeting or yearlong training rollout, we have the locations, service and support to provide a superior learning experience.

Essential Services From Start to Finish

Our computer classroom rental spaces offer:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
    Your training delegates deserves the best equipment available anywhere. Every MicroTek computer classroom includes all the key essentials — advanced computers and technology, ceiling-mounted projectors, project surfaces and whiteboards — that make learning engaging and effective.
  • Internet and dedicated bandwidth
    We can personalize your training space with dedicated bandwidth, specific equipment, private networks and other customized technical specifications that fit your individual needs.
  • Setup testing
    Nothing gets overlooked in a MicroTek computer classroom. Every computer is tested and all software installations, projectors, printers and switches are verified to be up and running — well ahead of your arrival.
  • On-site technical support
    Members of MicroTek’s tech team are on hand to identify and resolve any technical glitch — before, during and after your training event.
  • Virtual capabilities
    The MicroTek Virtual Training Room broadens the scope and depth of training by enabling off-site participants to experience live, in-class, instructor-led training from their offices or homes. All your remote delegates will need to take part is a tablet or computer, Internet connection, speakers and a microphone.
Next Generation Classroom Hybrid Learning Solution

MicroTek’s Next Generation Classroom represents the future of hybrid learning. MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room and Virtual Learning Lab are powerful tools that allow you to effectively combine virtual and live classroom training in a rich, collaborative learning environment for a wide range of technical training. On-site and remote participants are able to access sophisticated software training and collaborate with the instructor and with one another via a real-time, online interface.

The result? A seamlessly integrated live, instructor-led training experience that benefits your customers, employees or partners wherever they’re located.

Expert Instructors, Outstanding Learning Experience

You may need a single instructor to boost employee effectiveness or a team of instructors to support a companywide training rollout. Whatever your needs, MicroTek has access to thousands of highly qualified trainers—experts across a broad spectrum of business topics and technical platforms.

This provides the advantage of securing the best training talent when and where you need it—no long-term staffing commitments are required. Additionally, by outsourcing your instructor needs, you free valuable time and resources to focus instead on your core business competencies.

The MicroTek Difference

MicroTek is committed to delivering the ultimate learning experience, by bringing customers the most innovative training delivery services available. We provide the service and support to ensure that every detail has been addressed; and every piece of equipment has been tested and verified. All you have to do is show up and teach. We make finding and conducting your training event simple. All you have to do is show up and teach.

That’s the MicroTek difference.

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