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Video Conferencing

Expand the Reach of Your Training with Video Conferencing

The power behind our Virtual Training Room platform is a high-definition video conferencing component that makes remote participants feel like they are actually in the classroom. Virtual sessions are initiated from a MicroTek origination site that contains the instructor and classroom participants. Remote participants may connect to a session from anywhere and have full capabilities to engage and collaborate with peers and the instructor. Our video conferencing technology supports the ability to share content and includes a digital white board, annotation tools and chat functions.

Technical Requirements for Remote Participants
  • Computer or laptop (PC or Mac) connected to the internet; a hard-wired connection is strongly recommended to ensure a strong, stable connection
  • USB headset (recommended), or speaker and microphone, or USB speakerphone
  • USB webcam (recommended), or laptop-integrated webcam
  • MicroTek Video Conference application installed on the computer or laptop
The MicroTek Advantage

Our video conferencing solution provides a best-in-class user experience with respect to technical performance, ease of use, operating cost and integration into virtual learning environments. MicroTek video conferencing may also be used in conjunction with our cloud-based labs to expand the reach of your training program.

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