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Virtual Solutions

Enhance the Learning Experience with Virtual & Hybrid Training Solutions

MicroTek’s virtual training solutions allow your attendees to engage and collaborate regardless of proximity to the classroom. All of our virtual services are designed to flex to your specific requirements. The result is a hybrid learning experience beyond your expectations.

Introducing Next Generation Classroom

MicroTek’s Next Generation Classroom expands the walls of the traditional classroom. MicroTek allows both remote and onsite students to collaborate with each other and their instructor in a real time, online interface.

This engaging platform allows for a true hybrid learning experience where every student is equally involved in a training session, from in-class discussions to in-depth training exercises.

MicroTek’s Next Generation Classroom is enhanced with our Virtual Training Room for a two-way, high definition video and audio experience, as well as our Virtual Learning Lab to provide in-depth training exercises, all backed by a secure, cloud-based server.

Virtual Training Room
Training Manager Benefits
  • Minimize cancellations due to low enrollment
  • Improved ROI on your training programs
  • Faster time to market
  • No hardware or equipment to buy or install
Learner Benefits
  • Convenience of remote learning
  • Collaborative and interactive learning experience
  • Equal learning experience whether in class or remote
Instructor Benefits
  • High-tech training delivery tools for a more engaged classroom
  • Effective instruction to both onsite and remote learners
  • Ability to keep all participants engaged and accountable
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