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Enterprise Training Solutions

Single-Source Provider of Training Logistics

For over 25 years we have specialized in meeting the training needs of enterprise customers. As a single-source provider of training outsourcing services, we help create effiencies and cost savings—allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

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Global Reach

MicroTek promises a quality learning experience wherever you need it. With over 3,000 locations worldwide, we make it easy to find the space you need, anywhere in the world. Whether you need to complete a global training initiative or are looking to quickly expand your training program, we have the resources to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively make it happen.

Single Point of Contact

MicroTek can serve as your only training logistics partner—anywhere in the world. We help take the complexity and hassle out of dealing with multiple vendors and provide everything you need for successful training delivery.


MicroTek's services are usage-based, allowing you to easily scale up or down to meet fluctuating training needs. There is no long-term investment—freeing up capital to invest in ways that add value to your people and training.

No Long-Term Real Estate Investment

By utilizing MicroTek's extensive network of training facilities, you don't have to invest in expensive square footage that may be underutilized. You are able to provide a superior learning environment wherever you need it—without long-term real estate investment.

Experts in Learning Experience Management

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional learning experience to our customers. This starts with our world-class facilities and our Next Generation Classroom. Our Next Generation Classroom suite of products transcends training modality by combining the best of physical, virtual and digital learning environments to equalize the training experience among all learners.

Benefits to Working with MicroTek for Your Training Logistics
  • Cost savings: Choosing to work with a single-source provider, like MicroTek, allows you to save money on venue sourcing, instructors, technical support, etc.
  • Accelerate your time to market: Our virtual training delivery services allow you to train more, in a shorter period of time so that you can retain a competitive advantage.
  • Focus on your core Competencies: You can get back to the business of program development while we help you manage and deliver your training.
  • Reduce risk on multiple levels: When you outsource your training delivery to MicroTek, you don't have real-estate, hardware or IT infrastructure to invest in or support.
  • Solutions for large or small companies: We have solutions that scale with the size of your business. MicroTek offers Training as a Service which means you have access to the same world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology no matter how large or small your enterprise.
As a MicroTek client, you will enjoy:
  • Cost effective, turn-key event planning and facilities booking
  • Customized classroom configuration
  • Pre-negotiated, pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Flexible terms for event changes or cancellations
  • Dedicated client support team with a full understanding of your learning requirements
  • Online system for booking and tracking of events
  • One vendor, point of contact, service provider and invoice!
Let us take care of all your training delivery services.
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