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Instructor Delivery

MicroTek's Expert Instructors Enable a Superior Learning Experience

Easy access to qualified instructors and corporate trainers with expertise in a range of technical platforms and business subjects

Whether you need just one instructor to supplement your training team or hundreds to support a large-scale global training rollout, MicroTek can deliver whomever you need by tapping into our comprehensive database of thousands of qualified instructors and trainers.

The MicroTek Guarantee of Instructor Excellence

Flexibility: We secure qualified training talent where and when you need them.

Value: We handle the sourcing and management of specialized trainers without you having to make a long-term staffing commitment.

Bottom Line: Outsourcing your instruction to MicroTek allows you to focus on core training activities, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Maximize ROI

  • Reduce search and qualification processes
  • Improve training time to market
  • Ensure instructional quality
  • Reduce training payroll costs

An Elite Learning Experience

To ensure instructors meet the requirements of a world-class training program, MicroTek conducts:

  • Rigorous Screening: We verify each instructor's background, verifying their skills and certifications so you only get the best.
  • Student and Client Feedback: We only source instructors who receive the highest marks.
  • Event Verification Meeting: We meet with you prior to your training event to make certain the instructor is a perfect match.
  • "360" Instructor Implementation: Instructor scheduling is confirmed 14 days in advance to ensure all details are finalized and instructors are prepped and ready to teach.
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