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Technical & Computer Support

There's no need to worry about the technology at your large-scale meeting or training event. MicroTek's technical and support team will work with you to ensure you have the computers and technology you need and will provide ongoing support throughout your event.

With MicroTek's technical and computer support, there is no need to worry about technology at your large-scale training event. No matter the location or venue, MicroTek’s event logistics and tech team implements your technology needs with precision so that you can relax and focus on your core meeting or training objectives.

We will help you select which equipment best suits your needs and will coordinate setup and configuration details so that the lab is ready for your use when you arrive. Every detail is managed by our team of event planners and technical staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We will:

  • Ensure that the computers meet your specification requirements
  • Qualify the venue to make sure it can support your tech requirements
  • Ensure that the correct software is loaded and licensed
  • Ensure that security measures meet your company protocol
Onsite Technical Support

Our technical support provides assistance throughout the duration of your event – ensuring that everything functions properly.

If you need to bring in your own devices, our technical team will test them with the venue’s system beforehand to ensure that everything will work properly during your entire execution.

Let us take care of the technology for your large-scale corporate event.
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