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Corporate Training Rooms

MicroTek is the industry's leading single-source provider of training rooms, with access to over 3,000 global training facilities in every major business hub—and nearly everywhere in between

Single- or Multi-Day Business Training Room Rentals

MicroTek's world-class training rooms offer the perfect venue for your next event. With rental spaces in over 60 countries and 50 major U.S. metropolitan areas, you can find a training room in a convenient location to suit your custom needs.

Why Rent a Training Room From MicroTek

Whether you need to rent one training room in a single U.S. location or many rooms all over the world, we have the resources and expertise to quickly, successfully and cost-effectively execute.

Our corporate training rooms come equipped with everything you need—virtual training technology, full-service hospitality and tech support staff, premium amenities and more. We customize the environment to meet your exact specifications to provide an elite learning experience.

MicroTek's training rooms offer:

  • Professional venues
  • Dedicated hospitality staff
  • Customized classroom configurations
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) compatibility

First-Class Business Training Delivery

Our comprehensive suite of solutions include classroom rentals, virtual delivery options, cloud-based learning labs, course content development, instructor delivery, event planning and support and training materials fulfillment.

Modern Training Technology

Our Next Generation Classroom facilitates an equally engaging learning experience for both onsite and remote learners. Our virtual capabilities and collaborative technology provide the ultimate learning experience for instructors, participants and training managers.

Global Training Rooms
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