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This Facility Features

  • Computer Classrooms
  • Meeting / Training Rooms
  • Video Conferencing
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Guest Workstations
  • Common Area Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited Beverages
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Afternoon Snacks
  • Full Service Catering
  • Café / Lounge Area
About this Business Training Facility

Welcome to MicroTek Los Angeles, our Next Generation Classroom training facility serving the Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica, Irvine, and Beverly Hills. Our professional 6,000 square foot facility is the ideal location to host your next event.  Whether you need a meeting room for an afternoon or multiple computer classrooms for large corporate training, let our staff manage the logistics, so you can focus on the content of your meeting.

MicroTek Los Angeles Training & Meeting Rooms

MicroTek's Los Angeles training room rental facility is in close vicinity to LAX Airport for easy travel. This 6,000 square foot Training Center has three Computer Classrooms and Meeting / Conference Rooms. Choosing MicroTek means you're getting more than just a meeting location, you're getting professional training environments and knowledgeable staff with years of experience that can accommodate all of your specific training needs. If you have any questions or are ready to rent a training or meeting room, contact MicroTek today to get started.

The knowledgeable staff at MicroTek Los Angeles will assist you along the way, from planning to implementation.  We will set up your training room and distribute course material before your event.  We’ll welcome your guests and direct them to the appropriate rooms, and we’ll keep the break areas clean and well-stocked.  You’ll also have access to our full-time technology support staff when you need it.  

Training Classroom Rentals

The Next Generation Classroom training facility at MicroTek Los Angeles offers everything you need to host a successful training event.  Your Account Manager will work with you to determine the classroom set-up that works best for your meeting.  We can arrange seating in rows, facing an instructor, or clustered for a more collaborative feel—it’s up to you.  Our Los Angeles training rooms come fully equipped with:

  • Professional building venue
  • Dedicated hospitality staff
  • Customized classroom configurations
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) compatibility

Computer Classrooms

MicroTek Los Angeles offers computer classrooms for your meeting and training needs, with on-site technology experts available to assist you.  Each of our computer classrooms comes fully equipped with:

  • Computers, ceiling-mounted projectors, and whiteboards
  • High-speed internet, dedicated bandwidth, and printer connections
  • On-site technical support throughout the duration of your event
  • Virtual capabilities for offsite/remote attendees to participate

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms at MicroTek Los Angeles are the ideal spot to host your next training session, sales meeting, or seminar.  Our experienced staff will manage all the details to ensure your event is a success.

Virtual Training

MicroTek Los Angeles' Virtual Training Room allows offsite learners to participate in your event.  It’s simple to use and full-time tech support is always available.  We are also pleased to offer a Cloud-Based Learning Lab, which provides an easy-to-use way to run complex and highly sophisticated technical labs or application training. 
The virtual training solutions and services at MicroTek Los Angeles feature:

  • Multiple classroom configurations, including a single room with a single instructor, several rooms with a single instructor, or any other customizable arrangement
  • Technical support staff to assist with equipment setup, instructor orientation, and troubleshooting.
  • Two-way audio and HD video

Frequently Asked Questions About MicroTek Los Angeles

  • Is parking available for my students?

    MicroTek Los Angeles offers paid parking in the structure located in the back, outside the building.

  • When can our team access the classrooms

    Instructors can access classrooms beginning at 8:00 a.m. To request an earlier entry time, contact your MicroTek Account Manager.

  • What catering options do you offer?

    MicroTek Los Angeles offers unlimited beverages, as well as continental breakfast and snack options. Contact your MicroTek Account Manager to learn more and determine which option best fits the needs of your event.

  • What are the hours of operation at this location?

    Our hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Instructors can access training rooms at 8:00 a.m. Contact your MicroTek Account Manager if you need to access the facility outside our standard hours.

  • Can I ship materials to the facility prior to my training event?

    We will gladly accept materials shipped to MicroTek Los Angeles prior to your event. Please notify us in advance with the number of packages and estimated delivery time so we can expect your shipments. Our staff will hold the packages until your instructors arrive, or we can distribute materials to student workspaces upon your request.

  • Are there hotels nearby? Do you offer discounted rates?

    MicroTek Los Angeles has negotiated a discounted rate at nearby hotels. To learn more about our partners, click on the Hotels tab above. Be sure to request the “MicroTek rate” when booking to receive your discount.

Ready to Get Started?

MicroTek Los Angeles is more than just a meeting space.  When you choose to partner with MicroTek, you also receive full-time service from a dedicated staff, who share your goal of hosting a successful event.  We look forward to showing you what makes MicroTek Los Angeles a leader in training room rental facilities.

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If you need help with directions or have questions, please call (818) 396-3510.


Onsite Parking
Pricing: $9.00 a day

Our parking is located on the structure in the back of the building (Entrance is on Artsakh Avenue formerly Maryland Ave).
Enter the structure and park on any level. Walk towards the courtyard (fountain) and you will see the building. 


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