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MicroTek Simplifies the Training Room Rental Process

MicroTek makes training room rental easy. From technology to the amenities and support required, our all-inclusive model eliminates the need for you to pick and choose from a long list of options. With MicroTek, the only added decision you'll have to make is whether you want to include lunch. It's that easy.

Logistics and Planning

MicroTek’s logistics experts take the stress out of planning your training events. Whether you need to rent one training room in a single U.S. location, or many rooms all over the world, you can focus on the goals and objectives of your event while we handle all the details.

All-Inclusive Booking

MicroTek’s all-inclusive booking allows you to book your training or meeting rooms, confident that the quote you get is the price you’ll pay. As a single-source provider, we include everything you’ll need for a successful training event.

Training Room Amenities Ensure Comfort and Convenience

MicroTek knows how important it is for your learners to have a great learning experience. That’s why our room rentals include everything you need. From business center services to complimentary snacks—we offer amenities you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Comfortable Café and Lounge Areas
  • Unlimited gourmet coffee and premium beverages
  • Continental breakfast and all day snacks
  • Fresh-baked cookies
  • Optional catered lunches
Highly-Rated Training Facilities and Staff

MicroTek’s professional, distraction-free training facilities are designed for learning and consistently receive high marks from both instructors and learners.

Training participants are overwhelmingly happy with their experience in MicroTek facilities. They enjoy the clean and comfortable environment, technology, and, of course, the snacks.
Instructors love training in MicroTek facilities. Over 4,400 instructors have rated MicroTek facilities in the last four years. Each individual facility scored an average of between 9.6 and 9.9.
MicroTek’s staff consistently receives high marks from instructors and learners. Many of those surveyed compliment on-site staff by name—citing our team as part of their success.

*Scores are out of 10 points, based on satisfaction surveys collected at our training facilities.

Full-Time Hospitality Staff

Our hospitality staff help ensure that your participants have everything they need throughout the day. From distributing training materials, setting up lunch and providing concierge services, we take care of everything so your instructors and attendees can focus exclusively on their training.

On-Site Technical Support

At MicroTek, there’s no need to worry about technical problems. Our technical support provides assistance throughout the duration of your event – ensuring that everything functions properly.

Classroom Technology

MicroTek’s classrooms are equipped with the latest training technology—from advanced computer hardware and training tools to optional dedicated bandwidth and virtual classroom capabilities. We provide everything you need for a fully collaborative learning experience.

Virtual Training Capabilities

Do you need to expand the reach of your classroom? Our classrooms are also equipped to enable remote user access for off-site participants. Our powerful Virtual Training Room allows remote participants to receive the same instructor-led experience as those who are physically in the class.

Room Link for Large Groups

Finding an affordable space for large meeting and training events can be a challenge. Hotels and other venues with large capacity spaces can be cost prohibitive and will often tack on additional fees for technology, required catering minimums, gratuity, and other charges.

MicroTek’s Room Link is a flexible alternative to hotels and conference centers—providing the superior service and support of MicroTek, while accommodating large groups at an all-inclusive, affordable per person rate.

Engaging and Interactive Environment

MicroTek uses high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools, enabling presenters to deliver the same instruction and content to participants in multiple rooms. Participants are able to hear and see everything, and interact with the presenter and other learners regardless of which room they are in.

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