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Cloud-Based Training Lab

Train on Any Software, Anytime, Anyplace

MicroTek's Virtual Training Lab can be used in your classroom, in a MicroTek classroom or completely on its own to simplify the delivery of technical training. You save on IT infrastructure and maintenance, while MicroTek handles all the details to make lab setup and maintenance easy.

Virtual Training Lab Offers Practical, Hands-On Learning

MicroTek Virtual Training Lab is an easy-to-use, hassle-free way to run complex and highly sophisticated technical labs or application training. Our cloud-based labs allow learners to gain practical, hands-on experience with essentially any software application. Virtual Training Lab creates a powerful, virtual training environment for use in the classroom or remotely — accessed securely through a standard Internet browser. Common training applications include:

  • Partner training on software
  • Product launches
  • Product demos
  • Proof-of-concept or customer trials
  • Technical or security training
  • Software development and testing
  • Application training
  • Remote training
Simplify Remote Training

MicroTek’s Virtual Training Lab allows you to easily provide technical training to learners regardless of their location. There is no need to ship servers or equipment, or worry about the capabilities of your learners’ computers. Whether you are providing training to a group at a partner or customer facility or are providing remote training to individuals working from their home office, Virtual Training Lab makes it easy. The only thing your learners will need is a computer with a reliable internet connection. They are able to connect to the cloud-based lab through a standard web browser with a secure URL. Virtual Training Lab can be used in a MicroTek classroom, your location or completely on it's own.

Instructor Controls

Instructors are able to centrally view and manage the progress of the entire class with over-the-shoulder thumbnail views. They can view and interact with individual learner’s machines, for enhanced classroom control.

MicroTek Support for Easy Setup and Management

What sets our Virtual Training Lab apart is our single point of contact and end-to-end support. We provide the classroom, hardware and cloud-based environment to run your lab. We manage all aspects of lab creation, imaging, technical administration and scheduling.

Safe Training Environment

For training that requires programming, coding and testing, our Virtual Training Lab provides a safe environment where participants gain experience with a broad range of technologies without risk to your IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Virtual Training Lab
  • Train on virtually any software, anytime, anywhere
  • Save on IT infrastructure and maintenance
  • Usage based with no long-term investment
  • No need to install software on individual machines
  • No need to ship servers or equipment
  • Train on sophisticated software regardless of the capabilities of learners’ computers
  • Provide a safe sandbox environment
Virtual Training Lab + Virtual Training Room = Total Solution

MicroTek's Virtual Training Lab may be used in conjunction with our Virtual Training Room. Together they form MicroTek’s Next Generation Classroom which combines the best of physical, virtual and digital learning environments.

Discover how cloud-based labs can enhance your training program.
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