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Virtual/Video Conferencing

MicroTek's Virtual/Video Conferencing solution allows you to include remote participants in your live classroom events. The result is the convenience of remote learning, coupled with the superior learning experience of instructor-led training.

Extend the Reach of Your Classroom to Offsite Participants

MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room combines all the benefits of live, instructor-led training with the power of a robust, virtual environment. The result is a highly flexible learning experience that allows both off site and onsite learners to participate and benefit from the same live training event.

Virtual/Video Conferencing Room Features

Our Virtual Training Room features dynamic two-way audio and high-definition video, allowing learners to interact with the instructor and their peers as if they were in the same physical location. With a virtual/video conferencing interface that is easy to master and use, learners and instructors can easily collaborate, share digital content and participate in high-tech learning labs.

Additional features include:

  • Full technical support before, during and after your event
  • Virtual breakout rooms for small-group collaboration
  • Multiple configurations to accommodate various combinations of onsite/offsite learners and presenters
Virtual Training Room Configurations

Our Virtual Training Rooms can be configured in a variety of ways. The most common include: one classroom/one instructor, multiple classrooms/one instructor and guest presenters. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

MicroTek Virtual Learning Cubes

Need a professional, individualized space for your remote learners? MicroTek Virtual Learning Cubes allow learners to participate in a live, instructor-led class remotely in a private, distraction-free environment at a MicroTek facility. Virtual Learning Cubes provide the right equipment, network and support to ensure a successful learning experience. Our goal is to provide an experience equivalent to actually being in the classroom.

Benefits of a Virtual Learning Cube
  • No hardware or equipment to buy or install
  • HD webcam, dual monitors and headset provided, allowing the participant to see the instructor, interact, and view all presentation or course material being shared with the class
  • On-site tech support pre-, during and post-event
  • Complimentary daily snacks, beverages and fresh-baked cookies
Why Use MicroTek Virtual Learning Cube?
  • Reduce Cancellations

    You can include more learners and minimize cancellations due to low enrollment.

  • No More Technical Issues

    Our onsite tech support team ensures that your remote user is connected to the class, ready to participate and will not encounter any technical difficulties throughout the event.

  • Easy to Use

    We set up the Virtual Learning Cube and provide the technology needed to participate. All a user needs to do is arrive at a MicroTek facility ready to learn.

  • Cost Efficient

    MicroTek Virtual Learning Cubes give you the ability to effectively train more participants in geographically dispersed locations, saving money on travel and time away from the office.

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