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This Facility Features

  • Meeting / Training Rooms
  • Video Conferencing
  • Full AV Equipment
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Guest Workstations
  • Device Charging Stations
  • Common Area Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited Beverages
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Afternoon Snacks
  • Full Service Catering
  • Café / Lounge Area

About the MicroTek Washington D.C.

Come join us at our Washington D.C. meeting center, serving the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, including Arlington, Alexandria, and Silver Spring. Our premier facilities are designed to provide you with everything you need to have an event that exceeds your expectations. We take care of the details and have all the resources to ensure your meeting is a success.

Meeting Rooms That Inspire

MicroTek meeting rooms offer more than just space to hold a meeting. We seek to inspire and collaboration and creativity within your team. As a premier meeting room provider in Washington D.C., we offer our clientele a unique experience. Our standard meeting room rental setup includes:

  • Modern A/V equipment, tailored to your specifications
  • Ceiling mounted projectors for easy display
  • State-of-the-art virtual meeting hardware and software
  • Full-length Walltalker whiteboards
  • A high-speed internet connection that is both fast and reliable
  • Fully outfitted and upgraded Desktop PC's for guests
  • Flip Charts (for the retro-at-heart)

The attentive staff you find here will set up all infrastructure and software before you and your group arrive and direct your guests to the right meeting room, saving you time and effort in the process.

Virtual Meeting Room

Let your attendees remotely join your meeting with our Virtual Meeting Room. We have tech staff onsite to assist you with your remote experience as well as everything you need to ensure your attendees have access to your event. All your guests need is an internet connection to join.

Our Virtual Meeting Room includes:

  • Two-way audio and HD video
  • Technical support staff and equipment setup
  • Variety of room configurations

All-Inclusive Meeting Packages

Unlock your team’s true potential with the best the packages the meeting industry has to offer. Our all-inclusive packages are designed for companies seeking to add more to their meeting experience. All of our meeting room packages include:

  • Super-fast internet connections across the entire venue
  • IT support teams onsite for any questions or concerns
  • A café and lounge area for unwinding between sessions
  • Hospitality team dedicated to making sure guests have what they need
  • Chargers for electronics in handy spots
  • Delicious cookies served every day

All-inclusive meeting packages can also include premium services including:

  • Scheduling and logistics handled entirely by the dedicated planning team
  • Managing transport, rentals and room booking for all guests
  • Catering that can satisfy even the most selective of diners
  • Technology that reports on the number of registrants for the event
  • And SO MUCH more!

The all-inclusive package provides a unique experience and enables guests to fully explore their ideas in a well-provisioned space. For companies, there's no need to worry about excess costs, since the price is covered in the all-inclusive package cost.

Meeting Room Rentals to Engage and Inspire

Come meet at the Washington D.C. MEET™ Center for a day or two or a more! We can accommodate all size groups, timeframes and provide you with a personalized experience.

Our meeting room layouts include:


Classroom Style—The perfect meeting room setup for instructional or lecture-oriented events where participants may need to work on computers, take notes, or view materials on desks.


Training/Teaming Pods—Ideal for workshops, group learning, team-building, and other collaborative group events.


U-Shape Style—Effective for when participants need to collaborate and may need to view a screen or speaker in front of the room.


Boardroom—Ideal for executive presentations for smaller groups engaging in discussion.


Theatre Style—Commonly used for larger meetings such as sales presentations, product launches and events that don’t require note-taking or computers.


What's Nearby?

Washington D.C. is the nation's capital, but it's also a fascinating location to visit. Most of the historical buildings that date back to the country's founding are open to the public, and any visitor lucky enough to make it to Washington D.C. shouldn't pass up the opportunity. Among the sights that a visitor should aim to see include:

  • The Capitol and Capitol Hill: The home of the United States Government, the Capitol Dome is one of the most recognizable of American symbols. Free tours can be arranged online, and the entire site is rich with the nation's interesting and varied history.
  • The White House: The home of the President of the United States of America, the White House stands as a monument to US Democracy. The White House Visitor Center is the first stop for those wishing to visit the building and tours can be arranged that tell bits and pieces of the tapestry of history the house has witnessed.
  • The Washington Monument: The Washington Monument was erected in memory of General George Washington. Even though construction of the edifice took about a hundred years, it is still among the most recognizable of Washington D.C.'s monuments. The image of the monument is beautifully mirrored in the Reflecting Pool at its base.
  • The Lincoln Memorial:The 19-foot marble statue of President Abraham Lincoln has been a fixture of Washington D.C.’s monument campus since 1922. At night, visiting the well-lit memorial and other buildings in the National Mall is something tourists should try to do at least once.

Living History in a City

When most people think about Washington D.C., the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the US Government. The national monuments and world-famous museums like the Smithsonian make Washington D.C. a piece of living history.

Events in Washington D.C.

White House Easter Egg Roll (April) Kids of all ages are welcome onto the White House lawn on Easter Monday in the annual tradition of the Easter egg hunt. Started as a tradition in 1878 by then-president Rutherford B. Hayes, it has endured, becoming part of the lore and culture of the White House, and something that each successive president has carried on ever since.

D.C. Jazz Festival (June) While the capital has a lot of different musical tastes and styles, the D.C. Jazz Festival is a notable “coming together” of world-famous artists on a single stage. With hundreds of artists included in the line-up, it's the perfect place for listeners to discover new talent, or rediscover old favorites.

Fourth of July (July) American independence is celebrated throughout the country, but never with as much intensity as in the nation's capital. The morning parade followed by concerts in the National Mall and the West Lawn represents longstanding traditions. The night caps off in a massive fireworks display near the Washington monument.

National Book Festival (September) The National Book Festival is where authors come to see and be seen. Attracting a plethora of authors from all different genres and walks of life, the book festival is an integral part of discovering new authors and encouraging them to show off their work.

Our Washington D.C. Meeting Rooms Deliver

We know that making the right choice for your meeting is key to having a successful event. When you choose MicroTek Washington D.C., you can be assured that all your needs, requests, and requirements will be handled. We offer a range of affordable event planning options that are sure to work with your budget and strategy for your event.

Book an event with us today and find out how we can transform your meeting to reach beyond your expectations. You can submit a request directly from this page, or you can call us during normal business hours at 866-971-4246 to speak directly to a MicroTek representative.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Washington D.C. Meeting Center

When can my staff and guests access the meeting room?
Staff and speakers can access meeting rooms at 7:30 a.m. If you need an earlier start, speak to your MicroTek Account Manager.

What are your hours of operation?
Our hours of operation at 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you need earlier or later hours, speak to your MicroTek account rep.  

Is there parking available?
Parking is provided in the parking garage attached to the building with an entrance on Vermont Avenue. The cost is $20 per day.
Are there hotels nearby? Do you offer a discount to attendees?
MicroTek has partnered with many great hotels nearby. Just ask for the MicroTek rate when you book. 

Can I ship materials to the facility prior to my meeting?
Of course, you can ship your materials to our facility. Just let us know when they will arrive and mark your shipment with your company name. 

  ROOM LAYOUT Classroom Style Training/Pods U-Shape Boardroom Theatre
Meeting Rooms Dimensions Sq. Ft. Classroom Style Training/Pods U-Shape Boardroom Theatre
Room 1 32 x 22 726 25 16 14 12 72
Room 2 34 x 22 748 25 16 14 12 72
Room 3 46 x 25 1150 36 36 20 20 110
Room 4 32 x 18 576 16 16 14 10  
Room 5 31 x 23 713 15 14      
Room 6 34 x 23 782 24 24 16 12 77
Room 7 21 x 35 735 12 12      
Room 8 21 x 42 882 24 24     69
Room 9 21 x 23 483 12 12 6   35
Room 10 21 x 26 546 12 12     35
Room 11 21 x 23 483 12 12     35
Total Facility Space Meeting Rooms Largest Room Second Largest Room
14526 Sq. Ft 11 1150 Sq. Ft 882 Sq. Ft
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  • Facility Parking
If you need help with directions or have questions, please call 202-289-3811.


Onsite Parking

Parking garage is attached to the building. The entrance to the garage is located on Vermont Ave.


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