Software Company Utilizes Virtual Training Room to Improve the Quality of their Remote Class Delivery


When a software company ran into a major technical problem while delivering a virtual training session, MicroTek was there to save their class from impending catastrophe by converting all of their remote students to Virtual Training Room. MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room not only saved their class from being canceled, but it delivered an even better learning experience for virtual students and the instructor. 

Since switching to Virtual Training Room, the client has been able to:

  • Combine their virtual and live classroom delivery into a hybrid learning model, allowing them to deliver classes to more students in more locations
  • Increase workshop enrollments while offering fewer classes 
  • Decrease cancellations due to travel or time commitment
  • Increase the quality of the training experience for both remote students and instructors with a high-quality, two-way, interactive learning platform

A software developer that provides award winning training was facing shrinking class sizes for its live instructor-led training. Looking for a more flexible solution, they turned to a popular, off-the-shelf video-conferencing tool to deliver their live training workshops virtually. Initially, this platform did help to expand the reach and participation of their workshops; but the virtual classes lacked the engagement and learning experience of the live classroom sessions. Students missed out on much of the non-verbal communication that is central to a successful classroom environment.


While delivering a hybrid learning event at a MicroTek facility, the client encountered a major technical issue with its off-the-shelf virtual delivery platform. Within a very short period of time, MicroTek was able to get the class back up and running by switching all of it’s remote students to Virtual Training Room—MicroTek’s hybrid learning delivery system that combines the learning benefits of live-instructor-led training with the power and flexibility of a virtual platform.

Impressed with its simple setup, intuitive user features and ease of use, the client now uses MicroTek Virtual Training Room for all of its virtual classes.


The client has seen significant value using MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room:

  • With MicroTek Virtual Training Room they have consolidated their live and remote workshops into a single hybrid class delivery event. This has made managing, scheduling and marketing their workshops considerably easier and gives students the flexibility of attending a class live or remotely. 
  • They are holding fewer classes while reaching more students, reducing training program costs. With MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room they are better able to meet the training needs of their worldwide customer base.
  • Increase in both remote student and instructor satisfaction. Remote students and instructors have reported an improved classroom experience using MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room. With the ability to see and interact with the instructor and classmates, students report a higher level of engagement and instructors feel more connected to their students. 
  • Larger class sizes: Virtual Training Room has made it easier for customers to attend live, instructor-led training regardless of where they are located, leading to higher enrollments.
  • Reduced costs: Giving students the option to attend classes virtually has saved the client’s customers nearly 30% by eliminating travel expenses to attend classes. These are value-added benefits they have been able to realize through Virtual Training Room.