Couchbase Utilizes Virtual Training Room to Expand Training Program


Couchbase approached MicroTek looking for a solution to increase the size of their computer training classes while decreasing the number of classes they were running per year. They were also looking for a way to bring hands-on training to geographically dispersed customers in a more economical fashion.

By implementing MicroTek Virtual Training Room, Couchbase was able to:

  • Increase their average class size by 28 percent
  • Offer courses simultaneously in 11 cities plus virtual, across all U.S. time zones—allowing them to train more customers
  • Decrease podium time for instructors, allowing trainers to spend more time on developmental activities
  • Increase attendee satisfaction scores to 100%... with many noting that the new hybrid training program was a better experience than the classroom

Couchbase, a software company that develops high performance NoSQL data management platforms, offers the most comprehensive NoSQL training in the industry. Their training involves highly interactive, hands-on labs that provide actual “flight time” to developers and system administrators at Fortune 500 companies.
NoSQL is a very specialized data management platform, consequently, Couchbase’s customers are geographically dispersed. Filling live, instructor-led classes was challenging, particularly in less populated areas.

In an effort to reach more customers with their training, Couchbase researched virtual instructor-led training options to supplement their classroom delivery. However, their most experienced instructors told of less-than-favorable experiences using tools such as Webex or GoToMeeting. The main complaint was that these popular off-the-shelf tools do not work well for interactive, hands-on computer labs and are inadequate to deliver learning programs longer than 45 minutes, let alone multi-day hands-on training.


Peter Childers, Vice-President of Learning and Strategic Development at Couchbase, engaged MicroTek to develop a solution to help the company effectively reach more customers, reduce cancellations and increase the satisfaction of their customers. MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room proved to be a highly effective solution to not only reach more customers, but provide a platform that delivered an equal learning environment to both in-class and remote participants.

Virtual Training Room is a hybrid learning platform that employs 2-way, high-definition video conferencing, and rich teaching and collaboration tools. Virtual Training Room originates in a MicroTek classroom and then provides the ability for remote participants to engage in the same classroom experience—with two-way communication access to the instructor, peers, course content and training.

Couchbase piloted Virtual Training Room and within one month of the pilot, the company converted their entire North American training schedule to Virtual Training Room. 


Since rolling out MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room Couchbase and its instructors have experienced impressive results:

  • By combining remote and in-class students, Couchbase average class size is up 28%.
  • Couchbase courses are now offered in every U.S. time zone each month—allowing the company to train more students while decreasing the number of events.
  • Because of decreased podium time, Couchbase instructors are able to spend more time outside of the classroom to work on upgrading curriculum, train-the-trainer programs, partner support activities and professional development.

The overall experience for both trainers and customers has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, many of Couchbase’s instructors and customers report that the hybrid learning experience is better than the traditional instructor-led class. According to Childers, “Virtual Training Room allows me to guarantee all our customers receive the same level of hands-on training, interaction with the instructor and collaboration with other peers, whether they are in the physical classroom or remote.”

Couchbase’s customers have reported a 100% satisfaction rate with Virtual training Room. They have also reported faster time to market and sales cycles.