Room Rentals A complete room rental package.

As the leading provider of training room rentals in the country, MicroTek knows exactly what a quality room rental should include. That's why we've bundled everything you'll need to host a successful training event into one convenient package. Our all-inclusive model delivers everything you could possibly want in a training room, eliminating the need for you to pick and choose between services. With MicroTek, the only extra decision you'll have to make is if you want to include lunch. It's that easy.

Our room rental packages include:

  • Breakfast, beverages & snacks
  • Computers, projectors & white boards
  • Custom classroom configuration
  • Student breakout areas
  • On-site technicians & hospitality staff

Breakfast, beverages & snacks

MicroTek provides students with a variety of healthy breakfast options in the morning and we follow-up with lots of snacks throughout the day. We also offer unlimited beverage service, which includes juice, soda, coffee, water and tea. And to help get your students through that afternoon slump, we always pass out fresh baked cookies around 2 pm.

Computers, projectors & white boards

Each classroom is equipped with computers, ceiling mounted projectors, anti-glare projection screens, white boards, flip charts and wireless phones. Of course, you can always bring in your own devices or equipment and our technicians will help you connect them to our network.

Custom classroom configuration

MicroTek can custom configure any of our classrooms to your exact specifications. Whether you need a pod style seating arrangement for a meeting or a standard computer lab set-up for a training class, we can arrange our rooms in whatever way you prefer.

Student breakout areas

MicroTek wants your students to be as comfortable as possible when visiting our training centers, which is why we offer a full-range of student amenities. Between classes, students can use our breakout areas to do work or head to our café areas to decompress.

On & off-site technicians

MicroTek’s certified, on-site technicians will make sure that your software is loaded and your room is arranged well before you arrive at our training center. If your event demands a more advanced technical setup, our off-site technology support staff will provide extra assistance. To ensure that everything functions properly on the day of your event, both teams will stay in constant contact with each other for the duration of your class.

Full-time hospitality staff

At MicroTek, our focus on customer service is what differentiates us from others in the training industry. Our staff is carefully vetted to ensure that everyone working in our facilities is welcoming, friendly and above all, focused on customer care.

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If you would like to learn more about our training facilities or are ready to book a training room, please call 1-800-207-9620 to speak with someone directly or complete our online contact form.